Beat the Summer Heat with your Pups!

Happy August to all! Now that we are seeing those triple digit days, we want to take a bit of extra care for our four legged friends!

Here’s a Few Tips to beat the Heat with your Pups.

1. Parking in the SHADE! The shade can keep your dog and car cool for a quick errand into the store. Windows 1/4 of the way down at least, and put up the inexpensive sun shades you can get at any auto-parts store in the windows that face the sun. Keeping your errands SHORT when you have your dogs in the car is the way to go. Otherwise, leave them at home in the AC for their safety. How many news stories do we have to read about dogs that die in people’s cars from heat. It’s an awful thought and we just don’t want to go there! Please think of your pet when you are walking through the air conditioned store. And hey, if you don’t have your dogs with you, maybe leave that shady spot for someone with dogs to park in! Pay it forward!

2. Kid pools for the yard! Not the inflatable kind, but the hard plastic pools you can find in the seasonal sections of many stores . They can be a great and fun cool off for the pups in your home. We are lucky to live near a river so we make it a daily routine to go swimming when it’s hot, but if you don’t have a lake, river or beach near your home, get a kiddy pool for the pups. Even if your breed is not big on swimming, they will love to cool their pads in the pool.  They are not expensive and will last many seasons. *Never force your pet to swim, they will go at their own pace, just like us!

3. Water bottles & bowls! We all know that for us to beat the heat, staying hydrated is key. It’s the same for our dogs. Since they don’t sweat like us, visually we may not know they are thirsty until it’s too late and they are panting from dehydration! Our dogs have their own 32oz water bottles that we keep filled in the car. We use the “Hydro-Flask” as it keeps water cold for hours! You can get them at any outdoor store, and we will eventually carry those on our site. But do get one now if you don’t have one. A little travel bowl or just a stainless steel bowl stowed in the car will do for them to drink out of. Offer your pet water at each stop. They will stay cooler and safe from the sometimes dangerous heat of the summer.

4. Dogs can stay at HOME! I know this is redundant, but If it’s just too hot, leave them at home and don’t risk it! Don’t be one of the awful news stories! Our dogs depend on us to keep them safe and care for them, just like kids do. Don’t forget that!

5. If you see a dog in a hot car with now windows down, REPORT IT! Don’t say to yourself, it’s not my business! Be proactive, call 911 or a ranger for help!


Thanks for caring about your fuzzy buddies! Cheers for now! ~River, Amigo & Scout~at Hippie Dog Shop!

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