Dog Shop



Dogs need to Play! We have lots of options, plush, squeaky, and interactive toys to keep them busy! Lots of great eco- friendly options here!


Dogs in the House!

Dog beds, blankets, bowls, scoopers, cleaners & other "must have" home accessories.

Dog Gear: Jackets, Harnesses, booties to protect your dog from the elements!

Dog Gear

Jackets, Harnesses, booties and more,  to protect your dog from the elements!



Keep your fuzzy buddy looking his or her best with brushes, shampoos and other grooming supplies.


Collars & Leashes

A great selection from fancy to basic, training collars & leashes for puppies and dogs still learning how to behave in public!


Treats & Chews

A variety of training and good dog treats as well as some chews that will entertain your dogs. All natural and Made in USA- only the best!



When these little guys are new to the family, they require a few extra things to make their transition smooth. They are also growing and changing daily. Check out these products for the new puppy in the house!



Training! We carry lots of training aides for teaching your dog how to behave in our "human" world. Remember the best dog training is always "win" "win"!


Traveling with dogs can be really fun, but also has some challenges! Here are some products that make it easier so you can focus on the good stuff!


Dog Health

Great products for your fuzzy buddy to keep he or she feeling great!

Senior Dogs

Just like us, as our dogs get a little older, they need a bit of extra help at times. Here are some great products to make sure your dog enjoys his life as he ages.

Dog Lovers!

Dog Lovers! This section is for us dog loving humans. Fun things such as dog mugs, blankets, and decor, all for the dog lover in your house!