Dog’s do Speak…

Amigo says…”You’re not going to take my bone are you?”

Are we listening?

Your dog is barking at night at the fenceline, you open the door and yell “Quiet” or come in!!!! Little did you know there was someone lurking in the shadows, maybe casing your neighborhood. They moved on when your dog blew their cover. OR maybe there was a mountain lion passing by, he heard your dog barking and went a different way. Our dog’s goal is to save and protect us and often it goes unappreciated! We have all been guilty of this… not listening to our dogs when they speak to us!

One of my favorite quotes about dogs:

“Dog’s speak, but only to those who Listen”

Orhan Pamuk

Dog’s are actually really good communicators when we stop, listen and observe.

A while back, we had our dogs on some great premium dog food called : Blackwood. Their coats were noticeably shiny and they seemed to love the food. One morning I put down their bowls and they both snubbed the food. Huh… I thought they loved this food. So I took up the food and they went without breakfast. After a day of romping and exploring, evening came and it was time for dinner. I thought well, they must be really hungry now. I put down the food and both dogs again didn’t eat, I mean not one bite. Amigo actually did this funny dance going to the bowl looking at me and walking away from the bowl, over and over.

Well it turns out the food had gone off. We called our local pet shop were we got the food and a whole shipment had been bad. If it hadn’t been for both dogs acting the same way, and I only had one dog I might assume he was just being fussy. I might not have listened.

Another way we often don’t listen to our dogs is when they growl. Years ago one of my best friends tried to take up my Malamute’s dog  bowl … while he was eating! She admits he growled and warned her before he fake snapped at her hand, a very kind warning. A less restrained dog may have bitten her hand clean off! He warned her several times with a low growl… don’t touch my food! We were at a party and I had fed him and gone to my car to get something, she felt he would be better eating in a quieter place so she tried to move his bowl. She admits she wasn’t thinking! Dogs do SPEAK!!!

It’s so easy to forget our dogs are well… dogs. They do their best to live in our world. A world of no barking, no growling, no objecting to our constant demands. I am thankful daily for my two, they are my best friends ( no offense to my dear human friends!). And at times I don’t feel worthy of their love. It’s really a beautiful thing and I”m so lucky to have a double dose daily!    



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