Holiday Tips for the Pups!


Us humans have the luxury of being able to eat so many different kinds of foods and still live long lives! Our systems can handle eating carbs, proteins, sugars, fats and alcohol all in the same sitting, like our upcoming Thanksgiving meal. Not that any doctor would recommend eating like that everyday, us two legged’s can handle it for special occasions. Our four legged friends have very different digestive systems than we do and should not be allowed to partake in all that we eat! Our local vet came on the radio last night asking us to remember not to give our dogs everything that we may eat on thanksgiving and other holidays and parties coming up. Her list was as follows:

Please don’t give your dog:
*raisons (or any dried fruit)
*No poultry bones of any kind!

They also reminded us to take out the trash and not let our pets overcome by temptation, knock it over and get into foods that could hurt them. Rich foods can cause Pancreatitis and actually be fatal in some cases. Don’t risk your precious pup! Share a little turkey, juices and maybe some veggies (no onion or garlic) and nothing else!
So enjoy your Thanksgiving and the other upcoming holidays and spoil your dogs with a few turkey trimmings and you enjoy the rest. I have pre-bought a few bully sticks (100% digestible) for the dogs to have while we eat to keep them happy and busy!



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