Ode to Glucosamine!

Puppies are precious, but nothing beats an older dog that is trained and just GOOD no matter where you take them! Our dogs are at that really good dog stage which is wonderful and really fun. We can and do take them everywhere! The hard part has been watching our oldest dog, Scout, get stiff and not be able to move and run like he used too. This past winter, he started showing signs of severe joint problems with loss of mobility. It was awful to see this happen so suddenly. Our younger Amigo  has better breeding and has shown no signs of any joint problems, which is awesome, but the now physical gap between them is really hard. We feared Scout would not be very active this summer and were concerned about hiking, boating and wading in the river… would he be able to do it?


Being that I carry many dog health supplements on our site, I had a good idea of what brands were reputable and made in the USA (important to me). I remembered using Glucosamine pills for my Malamute, 15 + years ago but didn’t remember them being that much of a help. Great news, Glucosamine supplements have come a long way! Well, let me tell you our Scout is ripping around like a two year old on these “ArthriSoothe” soft chews by NaturVet. I give him 3 a day + a baby aspirin  (81mg) once in the AM and again around 5PM. The Arthrisoothe has Glucosamine AND Chondroitin Sulfate, which apparently the combo makes for an amazing difference in your dog’s joint mobility.

It took about a week of taking the supplement, but wow…Scout is like a new dog! He feels great and is keeping up with younger brother Amigo – just fine. We are also being a little more careful with Scout, and not pushing him too hard. We are making sure we don’t ask too much of him, but he seems to be years younger on this stuff, it’s truly amazing!  Guys, if you have an older dog, you owe it to him or her to use a supplement to help them feel as good as they can, as they age so much faster than we do! Of course we would appreciate it if you purchase it on our site, but please DO get it somewhere!

I have been super happy with our NaturVet chews: https://www.hippiedogshop.com/dog-shop/arthrisoothe-gold-soft-chew-jar-180-count/

and highly recommend them. I have also recently got a referral from a friend for an even more potent glucosamine infused gravy that I will be looking into down the road here.

For now, this one is working great! Look at Scout go!





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